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"Shakti- The Plywood People", was established in 1989 under the guidance of Mr. Subhash Agarwal with an aim to get a strong foothold in the plywood and hardware market. We are the >Plywood Supplier in Howrah and distributor and dealer of laminates, blockboards, flush doors, charcoal boards, highlighters, adhesives and other things related to interior and fittings. Being the oldest Plywood Supplier in Howrah, we boast of an unremarkable market reputation and fame. Our office is situated in the heart of this small town in West Bengal and it is accessible from all sides of the state. You can see a variety of materials and products the moment you step into our splendid showroom.

Our supplies are ISI certified and the reputable brands that we deal in need no introduction. Some of the popular brands that we sell are Century, Green, Blue Diamond, Blue Bird, Gemini Premium, etc. We are a trustworthy Plywood Supplier in Howrah who believes in quality work and fair pricing. With a team of around 20-25 employees, we work in perfect harmony with 100% work efficiency. Our sprawling showroom and the work progress will give you a fine idea of how a perfect Plywood Supplier in Howrah ought to be like! We work hard in a positive direction as we strongly preach that there is no substitute for hard work and if we are true and sincere in our deeds, success will surely come our way!

Mission Vision

What is life without a mission or an ambition? We all live towards achieving certain dreams or targets that we often set as a benchmark in our lives. "Shakti- the Plywood People" has a vision to be the top-rated Plywood Supplier in Howrah as well as in entire India. We are working honestly towards achieving this dream destination and we also aspire to have a significant name and acknowledgment as the nation builder where we can help our country to have a cutting edge in the global scenario. We also target to make easy availability of plywood and laminates at economical rates in the Indian market and give people the quality and worth that they deserve. We give you optimum satisfactory results as the finest interior designers in Howrah and help you build your dream pad at your budget price. Transparent dealings and clean work ethics have always worked in our favour to woo our clientele who in turn rely on their favourite Plywood Supplier in Howrah for every project. We aspire to keep our clients happy and contented. Our motto, "work together and grow together" remains unchanged forever!


"Shakti- The Plywood People" is an authorized company whose mentor and founder, Mr. Subhash Agarwal had high hopes of reaching the zenith of success along with the help of several trained employees and experienced staff members. A team of around 20-25 people efficiently manages the entire company and has earned it the title of being the Best Plywood Supplier in Howrah and they wonderfully look after all the business transactions and fieldwork. The current managing heads Mr.Punit Agarwal and Mr. Indra Tharad, have given their sweat and labour for the development of this entity and are there to solve any issues or answer any queries. The growth prospectus has gone even higher with innovative measures and new technology adoption by the torch bearers of this esteemed company. The entire working team of this Plywood Supplier in Howrah work as a close-knit family rather than individual units and targets at the prosperity of the company as well as the consumers. The

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